Safety tips for your home

Cases of theft, armed robbery, – portes asfaleias –burglary and kidnapping have increased rates in Greece. If we could act proactively, what would we do? Self-defense and increased protection measures in the home and the places where we work.

Born in Greece but for many years abroad, the well-known George Mimmis Founder & Chief Instructor of the Raptor Krav Maga self defense system, Responsible for security of sensitive facilities and persons, spoke exclusively to and gave us his valuable advice.

What are the most helpful home safety tips?

GM: The first thing most internet users do and maintain a profile on Facebook or some other social media is posting. They announce at all times where they are, who they are with, how much they will miss and give a lot of personal information. For someone who has targeted the house or the specific person, it is very easy to penetrate even the “locked” data-files that you think no one sees. Especially when you declare that you are going on vacation or a business trip, in public view.

Tip 1

If you are planning to sell or rent your home, make sure you vacate it first, before anyone else intervenes… Many times, the internet acts as a source of information for would-be thieves, burglars, kidnappers and any form of thug . This is because none of you “easy targets” have ever thought that someone could follow you.

Tip 2

As you can see, I’m referring to real estate agencies, whose purpose is to present in the best and most detailed way all the parts of the interior, of your property. If you search the internet on real estate agency pages, you will see a detailed location map, photos from every part of the site and videos that show everything. For those of you who want to rent or sell the space, furnished and decorated, then you must make sure that there are no valuables and access points that facilitate the entry of a stranger into the space.

Tip 3

Mobile phones now contain valuable information, such as pin, alarm codes, bank codes, addresses and anything else that may come in handy if the phone falls into the wrong hands. So we should not record or store sensitive information on the phone, even if you have a security code.

Tip 4

The alarm and the railings on the windows are deemed necessary. These may seem like a lot to you, but if someone is watching your house, they will be able to break into it. Only if you make it difficult to access will he choose an easier target.

Also, the windows should have dark tinted windows or closed curtains, to prevent would-be criminals from observing the interior of your space. Always locked locked windows, balcony doors and doors, so as not to be easily violated. Robbers almost never choose to break the glass or the door because it makes noise, takes time and can cause injury.

You must have a latch and a safety chain on the doors. Visit the website of to find out more about all kinds of security doors!

Tip 5

If there is a safe that holds valuables, valuables, money and securities, it should be hidden in a good place, while you have another safe for deception where you will put some documents (not so great) and a small amount of money .

Do not leave your keys in plain sight, especially of your car, your bags and your phone. Most burglars are looking for small items such as ipad, jewelry and laptops that can be easily stolen in minutes

Also, do not list addresses and other information on your keychain.

Tip 6

If you live in a house, do not leave staircase in the garden, gardening tools that can be useful to someone who wants to invade inside. Generally speaking, anything you leave outside is a target or a useful tool for a break in. Even electric tools like mowing machines and

Tip 7

Do not throw in the trash papers with personal data, accounts, etc. First destroy them and then throw them away, because it is common for criminals to look in the trash for information. You can also black your information out with a marker or use a document shredder.

Tip 8

The dog is very useful but do not make known its existence, with warning signs or stickers on doors and windows because that way the burglars come prepared. It is good in case of a house and not an apartment, to have both a dog and an alarm. Dogs will get loud when someone tries to get into your property so this way they will alert you or the neighbors.

Tip 9

When traveling on the street or in other places, never leave your personal belongings, such as bag, laptop, phone, unattended. They should always be with you, under your immediate supervision. When you go to the supermarket, never put your bag in the shopping cart, while when you pay by card, hide your personal code well. When walking, your bag should be hung on your shoulder from the inside so that you can keep an eye on it.e

Never forget that the number one solution to burglars is the security door! Install one and be carefree!

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