Private lessons or tutoring? Investing in knowledge!

There is no parent who does not take their children’s education seriously and does not invest in its quality and effectiveness. As much as we consider the delivery of special courses as a less economical solution, does it, in the long run. Yield the same results as in less time more material is covered but also better, due to the quality of the private lessons – ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα? In the dilemma, then, especially the tutoring, these are the thoughts that we would like to share with you!

Respect for the child’s learning rhythm

Not all children learn at the same pace. The private lessons give exactly this possibility: the utilization of the student’s dynamics as a separate personality and not as an average of a tutoring class. This is especially true in foreign languages, as a private language teacher monitors a student’s progress from the very beginning and builds on his or her entire learning plan.

Exclusive attention

The time of the private lessons is exclusively dedicated to the needs of a student. This means extra time to solve his questions, to give more explanations and examples, to focus the lesson on the child’s weaknesses and to give priority to the teacher in the areas that show real shortcomings.

Meet personal goals beyond the curriculum of the classroom

It is one thing to cover the curriculum in a school or tutoring class and another to enrich a child’s knowledge according to his personal abilities. Why leave behind a child who has the ability to teach more “advanced” knowledge and at the same time why not repeat over and over again in knowledge that has not yet been assimilated, because the material dictates otherwise?

Flexibility in programming

Each student during the week has better days and during the day better hours that he can attend the lesson and be more efficient. At the same time, it feels less stressful for the whole family to feel that a lesson can be postponed and re-arranged if any problem arises from knowing that the child will be left behind losing lessons.

Build confidence

For all these reasons and especially thanks to the personal teacher-student relationship that develops, the student does not hesitate to “open” more to the educational process, to participate more directly, not to hesitate to ask questions, thus contributing to the formation of a more active and self-assured profile.

Acquisition of study time management skills

This is a very important skill that will follow the student in all his student years but also during his university education and essentially in what has to do with acquiring knowledge and skills in his adult professional life. Designing a mindfulness study and organization program is definitely a valuable part of your life, and the sooner you start, the sooner it will pay off.

Private lessons are the ideal solution in case of learning difficulties

Children with learning disabilities need to be lovingly bent over by private teachers, trained accordingly to focus each time on the student’s real needs and his or her own talents.

Less tensions between parent and child

At younger ages when parents, if they have the ability, help their children by studying the lessons. For example of language, mathematics or English, there are often unnecessary tensions, due to the confusion of roles and the expectations that parents have of children and vice versa.

A private study teacher comes to solve these counterproductive conflicts, while freeing time for parents to communicate with the child in a meaningful way. They embody their true role, that of the parent – and not the teacher.

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