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The volcanic nature of Santorini has given it its unique environment. For this reason, its beaches are completely different from anything else you can find in the Aegean. The black beaches in Kamari and Perissa, the red beach and the huge beach in Vlychada that reminds of lunar landscapes, exist thanks to the volcano and its action.

What is certain is that the beaches of Santorini can cater to every taste. We do not discuss that in terms of amenities, beach bar, music, food and drink, on the beaches of Santorini you will find the most modern and exquisite in the Aegean.

I have heard many people complain about the beaches of Santorini. Definitely to anyone who is used to the golden and fine sands of the rest of the Cyclades, the beaches are completely out of the ordinary and we said Santorini, do you either love it or it does not suit you.

The same goes for its beaches. I will talk to you about a personal experience. I have been to many southwestern beaches of the Cyclades with golden sand, after a few years I can hardly distinguish from the photos on which island they were taken and which beach it is. Believe me, it has never happened to me with the photos from the beach of Vlychada in Santorini.

Vlychada beach

When you first find yourself on the beach in Vlychada, Santorini, you think it was in a science fiction movie. Lunar landscape, volcanic rocks, exotic atmosphere. South of Perivolos with access from the turn after Megalochori or coming from Ai Giorgis at the end of Perivolos, the beach of Vlychada is a pristine beach destination – although in recent years some sunbeds and umbrellas have been added at the beginning of the beach – for those who prefer something more isolated.

The canteen at the entrance of the old Nomikos tomato factory, which has been turned into an exceptional cultural center, is fully equipped with the necessities for a long stay at the beach, but if you are going to the end of the beach, get the essentials in advance. In the area of ​​Vlychada in the small port before the beach you will find some fish taverns that overlook the sea offer fish and appetizers from noon until late at night.

Over the years, the salt, the wind and the wave created in a series of sand sculptures, the piece of rock that separates the mountain from the sea, thus making Vlychada an isolated paradise for couples, groups and nudists who prefer more remote parts of the beach. In large parts of the beach, mobile phones are unable to work, as another sign of isolation from culture.

Perivolos beach

The beach of Perivolos is the beautiful coastal part that joins the beach of Perissa at the beginning of Perissa from the mountain and the shallow waters towards the end of Ai Giorgis. There is a coastal road that on one side has a crystal clear beach with soft black sand and of course umbrellas and sunbeds and on the other many restaurants and beach bars with great music and chill out on the sand.

Perivolos, the natural continuation of the beach of Perissa is accessible by car / motorbike, but we suggest you leave the car somewhere on the beach – there are free parking spaces everywhere – and walk the coastal road along the sea, thus enjoying the natural landscape in all its glory. If you are lucky at dusk you can witness a romantic wedding on the beach! It is mainly used by foreigners, all summer months. A large section of the promenade becomes a pedestrian street every night.

Perissa beach

Perissa located at the southeastern tip of the island, spread over a length of about 7 km, is the largest beach of Santorini, along with its continuation, Perivolos and Ai Giorgis. With dark sand, clear deep waters and fully organized beach bars and taverns and cafes right on the sea, Perissa hosts every kind of visitor who prefers something cheaper in terms of accommodation and entertainment compared to the settlements of the Caldera.

On the beach of Perissa you will find organized Camping, as well as the possibility for various activities and a variety of water sports are available to satisfy all tastes. In Perissa and then its beach, the precinct, on summer nights with a full moon you will enjoy one of the most magnificent views in the Aegean.

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