Ah, the blindfold: A common but continue to often underrated intercourse hero. If you want to get a small little bit a lot more experimental on shorter detect, you simply just just take a long, gentle posting of clothing—or a snooze mask that doubles as a blindfold—and tie it more than your partner’s eyes (or your personal). Right away, you have elevated your whole knowledge.

Why? Effectively, a ton of people think that depriving one particular of your senses heightens others, but there is a different cause utilizing a blindfold during sex endures. “Anticipation is like a various feeling,” Cecelia Villero, M.S.W., sexual intercourse and enjoyment educator, tells SELF. “It’s not always a actual physical one particular.”

When an individual addresses your eyes, you never know what will come about, and that enjoyment can make sexual intercourse better. That stated, there is a large amount much more to do with an eye mask in the course of sexual intercourse than only, you know, covering your eyes (though that will work too). So we tapped sex experts to aid you figure out 10 creative approaches to use your blindfold. But before you tie a scarf all around your partner’s eyes or your personal, there are consent- and protection-similar points to consider. Chat to your lover about tricky limits, likes, and dislikes, Villero claims. You can even occur up with a safe and sound phrase, if you really don’t have 1 currently, that will act as a very clear indication to halt any sexual action the moment somebody utters it. And make guaranteed your place is safe (i.e., there is very little to journey more than and no unexpected sharp edges lurking around).

If you and your partner are not confident how to get commenced with this type of participate in, Villero indicates stating, “Don’t open your eyes for the duration of this tiny piece,” then introducing a blindfold from there. After you’re on board with that, read on for a few additional methods to action up your blindfold activity under.

1. Blindfold your associate in a various area.

“Take it out of the bedroom,” Villero claims. Pay attention, blindfolded sexual intercourse can be enjoyable in your typical sexual surroundings. But if you or your husband or wife is blindfolded somewhere unexpected (or blindfolded and meticulously led into a unique space), it can up the ante, Villero points out. “It can develop a entirely unique perception of excitement since now you happen to be like, ‘Oh, I will not know wherever I’m going to sit. I really don’t know where by I’m likely to stand.’” Undertaking this consists of a fair volume of communication and belief, so make certain you’ve scouted the area beforehand so no a single gets hurt.

2. Feed your blindfolded associate.

You could possibly decide for the sweetness of a strawberry, the bitterness of dark chocolate, or the umami of a properly organized sushi roll (no judgment). But, past the clearly distinctive preferences to examine, bringing food items into your intercourse lifestyle opens you up to other sensory encounters. “Different food items have different textures,” Villero claims. Some excellent thoughts? She indicates you engage in a match in which the blindfolded occasion has to guess the foods, but you can also basically feed just one one more. “Just attempt not to stick anything within the physique until it can be the mouth.”

3. Blindfold every single other and masturbate with each other (or on your own).

In some cases, masking your eyes can help you release inhibitions, Villero claims. So if one particular (or both of you) is a minimal shy, you might blindfold each and every other and contact yourselves. Or perhaps just one of you can wear a blindfold although the other watches. The concept is to check out your very own bodies with each other with out emotion self-conscious—which can help you get pleasure from the second. Additionally, focusing on just listening to each and every other can be a switch-on (kind of like phone sex).

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